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Free HR review

People Work review meeting

To find out more about how People Work Together can support you and your business, why not start with a free review meeting? This is a unique opportunity to sit down with a qualified HR specialist and identify possible areas for improvement, with no obligation to commit to any further work.

You could think of it as a check-up, but (unlike the dentist) People Work Together does not charge for this!

Of course if you have a pressing issue or project that you want to discuss, we can focus on this, and arrange to review your general People Work needs another time.

Contact us now to set up your free review meeting.

What you can expect from a People Work review meeting

  • We will visit you at your business premises
  • Together, we will review your people structures, policies and terms of employment
  • We can discuss any specific HR concerns or issues you may have
  • We can review your people statistics (e.g. turnover, absence)
  • We may make recommendations for further work (see below)
  • You will have an opportunity to get to know us
  • Matters discussed will remain fully confidential
  • There is no obligation to follow up with any further work
  • Review meetings usually take between one and two hours
  • What further work might be recommended?

    Every organisation is different, but here are a few examples of work that might be recommended as a result of an initial People Work review meeting.

    Documentation update

    Contracts, policies and staff handbooks can be reviewed and updated in line with legislation, or you may be concerned about compliance with working time, equality, flexible working or data protection laws. Everything needs a good spring clean from time to time, including dusty personnel files!

    Managing change

    Every organisation needs to introduce change from time to time, and it is important to do this in line with legislation and best practice. Changes affecting terms and conditions of employment may require formal consultation. More…

    Ongoing support and advice

    Check out our HR business partners services


    Contact Christine to find out more about the benefits of executive coaching. More…


    Workshops can be provided by People Work Together, or we may point you towards other external training and development opportunities for your team.

    Does People Work Together offer reviews in your area?

    Free People Work review meetings are available throughout South Wales. If you are based elsewhere we would be happy to arrange a virtual meeting (telephone or Skype), or a face to face meeting with a reasonable charge to cover travel costs.

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